Ask The Designer
JUJU's designer Caner Çöllü completed secondary school at Eyüboğlu High School and continued his high school life in the USA. After studying Computer Science at Rensselaer University in his university education, he completed his higher education in finance at Saint John University. During his 23-year New York career adventure, he worked at every stage of jewelry making, from production to design. Then, he combined this experience with his passion to establish his own brand and returned to Istanbul in 2013 and founded JUJU with his wife Özlem Çöllü. Taking a bold step in its first years, JUJU brought together fashion and jewelry for men and women. The brand, which has become the favorite of its followers around the world in a short time, has turned into a new reference point with its stylish, timeless and unique collections.
You're invited to our Ask the Designer invitation with Caner Çöllü, the designer of JUJU.
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