About Us

The realization of a dream is limited by nothing but the imagination.

JUJU was established in 2014 by Caner Collu and Ozlem Tezcan. Focusing on exceptional material, impeccable details, and precise quality, the house combines a timeless perspective with subtle attitudes that form an irreverent classic signature that makes each piece unique. JuJu’s collection also explores the strength of simplistic, chic shapes that speak to discretion and are based on uncompromising quality; A fresh take on iconic jewelry pieces. Fall for them all. Accessories that play the leading role in a graphic game of shapes and materials.

Early in its evolution, JuJu took the bold step of fusing fashion and fine jewelry for both Men & Women and presented it to the World. It immediately found its following with the fashion elite all over the Globe, creating a new point of reference in chic, bohemian, timeless, one of kind collection.

Caner Collu Ozlem Tezcan