Fall Style Jewelry Tips From JUJU

Fall Style Jewelry Tips From JUJU
Juju offers you an extensive list of fall style jewelry options to choose from. 

With temperatures dropping and leaves putting on a show of colors, fall is all about change. Jewelry trends are no exception.

This fall sees a major change in the most popular jewelry styles. And like the fall season itself, these jewelry trends will bring a nice breath of fresh air.

Read more to learn about some of the top fall jewelry trends and how to combine these looks with your own personal style.



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We will see pearl jewelry grow in popularity this fall. Pearls have a timeless quality that adds a sophisticated statement to any outfit.

Pearls will be used in all forms this fall, but pearl necklaces are set to top the rest. Pearl necklaces and bracelets make for an effortlessly stylish look.


Chain Necklaces


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Chain jewelry offers a cool touch to any look. It not only elegantly complements your style, but also creates a rich look with its texture. Chain necklaces match perfectly with any outfit, from a casual t-shirt & jeans combo to a night on the town look.

A long chain link necklace is an extremely versatile piece to add to your jewelry collection. You can even combine it with a layered necklace for a different yet stylish fall look.


Gold Jewelry


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Following the most recent reign of rose gold in the jewelry market, classical yellow gold will reclaim its popularity this fall. This warm and sun-kissed metal is perfect for adding a touch of shine to fall days and pairs well with the earthy and bold textures of your fall wardrobe.

Band rings with gold stripes and bracelets are a great way to add a touch of luxury to a variety of outfits. Choose on-trend styles like open link chain necklaces and chunky yellow gold earrings for an extra chic look.


Layered Necklaces


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Layered necklaces are a fun and versatile way to showcase your personality with elegance. Thanks to its mix&match flexibility, you can combine a wide variety of necklaces of different lengths to achieve the perfect look for you.

While there are no strict rules for styling layered necklaces, combining three necklaces of different lengths is an easy way to achieve a satisfying look that has both depth and balance. You can use necklaces of the same color and thickness for a more subdued style, or combine different colors and styles for a textured and eclectic vibe.


Full of Shine


Regardless of your personal style, there is something about wearing shiny jewelry that makes you feel great. Shiny stones are highly trendy in the fall of 2021. From crystal chandelier earrings to sparkly rhinestone necklaces, crystals help bring some shine to the cloudy mood of fall.


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The best fall jewelry trends are all about finding new inspiration for your own unique style. Embrace the new season by finding pieces that complement your fall-ready wardrobe.

Are you ready to update your jewelry for the fall season? Visit JUJU stores to check out these trends and much more.


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