When It Comes To Men's Bracelets, You Can Never Go Wrong With JUJU

 Juju, which stands out with its distinctive style in men's bracelets, has compiled a list of style tips for you.


While men usually prefer not to wear any jewelry other than their wedding ring and watches, more and more men are starting to see bracelets as accessories that are not just meant for women, but for themselves as well. Men of all ages and backgrounds are picking up on this fashion trend.

There are many styles and materials used for men's bracelets. Finding a bracelet that fits your style and personality is easier than you might think.

The key here is to choose the right bracelet to accentuate your outfit and add a nice touch to your overall look. This means that the first step in choosing the right type of men's bracelet is to think about how you dress.


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If you often wear a suit and tie, a gold, bronze or silver bracelet may be the best choice as it will match your style more naturally.

If you usually go for a more casual look, such as jeans and T-shirts, a beautiful, handmade rope bracelet in dark tones or featuring black metal details would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Men's rope bracelets have actually become very popular as they are versatile and can blend naturally with most casual looks. The rope and silver men's bracelets are perfect for a modern man looking for a fun accessory with a rustic feel.


While a lot of men instinctively say ‘no’ to beads at first, the fact of the matter is that wooden beads and other natural materials are growing in popularity. In fact, you can see quite a few celebrities rocking men's beaded bracelets. Many use them as accessories that can be layered – if done properly – and are suitable for an informal style.


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For men, the secret to wearing bracelets is actually very simple and can be learned by following a few simple rules: The choice of bracelet should be considered a personal statement.


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Maintain balance: Many men wear their bracelets on the same wrist as their watches, but separating the two may be the right way to go. This is of course a personal choice of style and there are no rules written about it.



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